John McCarthy

My wife, Andrea and I have been buying and selling properties for 35 years. Real Estate ownership is one important component of a successful personal financial strategy. I enjoy helping people to achieve a comfortable lifestyle and to build wealth through Real Estate.

I work in a Client Centered relationship model. To be effective, I need to know you and to understand your objectives. Are you looking for assistance on a single transaction or are you hoping to find a resource for on-going projects? Are you a "first-time" property owner, an experienced Real Estate Investor or somewhere in between? Are you comfortable with legal documentation? What about negotiation? Are you able to forecast a return on investment? 

I'm proficient in listening, competitive analysis, financial modeling, negotiation, contracting and networking with other professionals that can add value to your transaction(s). I have a specific skill set that enables me to provide the resources necessary to meet the needs of my clients. I come from a software background and & realize the benefits, (and draw-backs) of technology and utilize it accordingly.

Finally, I believe we are all designed to serve. Using our talents and experience to provide service to others enables us to experience happiness & fulfillment.

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