Tamlyn Steele


I’m Tamlyn, I’m British with an enthusiasm for life and everything I do. Naturally cheerful and tenacious. I am a super socializer with excellent communication skills. I am a grade 8 musical theater vocalist, I have recently taken a certification in Criminology and forensic science just for fun. I am mother of dogs and a competitive ballroom dancer.

And of course I’m a real estate agent. In my first 9 months in I have closed $3.5 million in business. I have worked on both the buying and selling side and have become an expert in helping my investors meet their real estate goals. This put me on track to be Rookie if the year with my previous company.

I bring to the table 13 years working in business at a high level of customer service and 13 years of working in special Ed in the UK. I am passionate about coaching and training and have a adopted a life long learning approach to everything.

In my life I have bought and sold houses personally in multiple countries and states and I understand the stresses and strains that this puts on people and families. I adopt a collaborative approach with my clients and talk them through the processes so that we can work together to make each transaction as smooth as possible and to tackle any issues head on.  Real estate has been part of my life forever and I’m proud to be able to help people with it professionally.

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